Welcome to the Serve Scotland web site. Serve Scotland is a new organisation backed by many of the major Christian players in Scotland. Our About Us pages tell you more about who we are, who is backing us, why we are here, and what our vision and aims are. You can find out more about what we are doing on our Current Projects pages. Perhaps most importantly you can find out how you can become involved because we are a network based organisation and we want you to be involved. Please get in touch with us so that you can become a part of a project to transform Scotland.

Serve Scotland is Back at the Parliament

Following the successful Serve Scotland Garden Lobby event in April we’re back in Holyrood next week for an exhibition to MSPs and members’ business debate. The exhibition stand will be placed just outside the debating chamber for the duration of the week whilst the debate will take place in the chamber at 4:50 pm on Tuesday 12th September. 
We would like to invite you to this very important event in the life of the Christian community in Scotland. The Scottish Parliament has a large public gallery and so it will be possible to either book a ticket in advance or to just turn up on the day. Members of staff from the office of Kate Forbes MSP, who is leading the debate, will be available to direct you to the gallery.
Please also contact all eight of your own MSPs to invite them to sign the motion and attend the debate http://www.parliament.scot/msps.aspx. Around 25 MSPs have already done so. If your MSPs have signed it already please contact them to say thanks!
Finally, we are building a database of Christian community projects to share with the MSPs at the exhibition. If you are involved in any projects locally please do consider adding this to our list using the form in the project Survey page http://www.servescotland.org/project-survey/ or by contacting the Evangelical Alliance office on (0141 353 0150)

Responding to Homelessness

Serve Scotland is taking part in organising a conference on how the church can respond to homelessness on Saturday 28th October in Glasgow, along with Evangelical Alliance, Bethany Christian Trust, Glasgow City Mission and the Scottish School of Christian Mission.

Designed as an immersive experience, Respond brings worship, teaching and practice together to evoke a response to the needs of homelessness within the city. During the day there will be the opportunity to hear from practitioners at three City Centre Hubs who all are meeting homelessness face to face each day. There will be time to pray together and seek God’s vision for the future ahead and to understand how we as the Church can support one another and maximize the resources given to us.
You can register for the conference here…https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/respond-praying-for-an-end-to-homelessness-in-our-city-tickets-36895251691

Who are we – About us in a nutshell

We are a Christian organisation modelled on Gweini – a hugely successful organisation in Wales which has been established for more than a decade and is now influential at both local and national level. Our vision is to help the Church be a catalyst for transformational change in the lives of the people and communities it serves across Scotland. We will do this through networking, uniting, and empowering existing Christian community project providers and encouraging others to become involved. Read more on our About Us page.

 Initial Activities

We are starting this long term project by setting up Local Serve Networks across Scotland. We have started with two pilot areas – Glasgow and Dundee – and discussions are in progress which will lead to more local networks. Read more about our current projects.

We will also be working, alongside others, to start to audit the provision of community projects by the Christian community across Scotland.

 Vision and Key Activities

Serve Scotland supports and encourages the Christian faith community to engage in social transformation, locally and nationally.

We will do this by:

  • Networking through local Serve groups
  • Sharing information and good practice
  • Connecting with local and national government

Our Christian faith and prayer is essential and strengthens our motivation in all our actions. We believe there is a Biblical mandate to serve the most disadvantaged and marginalised in our communities, following the example of Jesus.

Key activities:

  1. Local Serve Networks
    These local networks are core to Serve Scotland. They will bring together those involved in the Christian voluntary sector. They will develop coherence, shared vision and growing relationships leading to new projects and greater effectiveness. The network members will pray together locally and look to develop training opportunities. Each local network will be driven by people involved in work within that town/city. Good practice lessons can then be shared within the overall Serve Scotland network.
  2. Creation of a web store
    The web store is being developed to form the basis for future information sharing across the Serve Scotland network. It will have a directory of projects across geographical areas, information on projects that evidence best practice, local authority policies and priorities, sources of funds, news items and stories of transformation, etc. It will be an important resource for anyone engaged in Christian social action in Scotland or wishing to partner with those who are. It will make it easier for churches and groups to look at what might work for them and how they can implement ideas successfully.
  3. National activity research
    The research will show the volume and value of work already being carried out by churches and organisations in Scotland. It will highlight the role of the Christian voluntary sector as a major player in Scottish society. This will help to build a coherent strategy for the Christian voluntary sector to serve the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalised across Scotland. Serve Scotland will work with others to find the most effective way to gather this information. The outcomes will be presented to politicians at both national and local levels.

Latest News

Serve Scotland National Launch

                      The National launch of Serve Scotland takes place on Tuesday, 10th November 2015 at Findlay Church (56 Clarendon Place, Glasgow, G20 7PZ) starting at 6.45pm for tea/coffee and refreshments, event starts 7.15pm. At this event the vision of Serve Scotland will be outlined to church leaders. Fred Drummond, the… Read more

Partner Organisations


Serve Scotland is linked with many other organisations in addition to the churches and organisations that are part of our local networks. We will be providing brief summary information and web links to organisations that operate across Scotland to give users as complete information as possible about what is happening across Scotland. Read more on our Partner Organisations pages.