Church Partnering Organisations

The many projects set up and run by local churches and local Christian organisations are detailed in the projects section of the web site.

There are also a number of Christian organisations which offer “off the shelf” projects which can be set up and run by a local church. The local church runs the project according to a template developed by the church partnering organisation which also offers some support to the church.

Thus local churches have two routes to develop their own community facing projects – self developed projects and partner projects.

This page gives information on church partner organisations. As always the approach to developing the Serve Scotland website follows an approach of inclusivity. As the web site develops we will be adding organisations. If you are a church partnering organisation, or know a church partnering organisation, which you think should be included we would be delighted to hear from you.

The information for each organisation is deliberately brief. The name of the organisation, a brief summary of the organisation (many organisations do much more than offer partner projects), a summary of the projects it offers, and a link to the organisation’s web site make up the information. This information is about raising awareness of the existence of the organisations and allowing their web sites to introduce you to the organisation properly.

We should also note that sometimes the same project will be mentioned on more than one web site as a consequence of the relationships between organisations.

The Trussell Trust


Mission and Vision

The Trussell Trust is a charity founded on Christian principles, that works with people regardless of religious belief or non-belief.

Our Vision

To end hunger and poverty in the UK.

This is what we work towards.  We know it is improbable we can end ALL hunger and poverty, but this is our goal.  It is bold.  We felt it was important to prioritise 'hunger' before 'poverty' in the sentence and it is given geographical context with the 'UK'.

Our Mission

Bringing communities together to end hunger and poverty in the UK by providing compassionate, practical help whilst challenging injustice.

This is the 'how'.  The community aspect of our work is at the forefront.  This encompasses 'more than food' and our focus for the future of Foodbanks to tackle the underlying roots of poverty in the UK. 

Compassion, practical help and challenging injustice are what make The Trussell Trust unique in supporting those struggling in poverty in the UK.

Mission Verse

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ Matthew 25:35-36

Trussell Trust projects

Start a foodbank

Without people like you there wouldn't be a network of foodbanks providing emergency food to people in crisis across the UK. All Trussell Trust foodbanks are launched in partnership with local churches and communities, because local communities are best placed to meet local needs. We'll provide you with all the tools, training and know-how that you need to start a foodbank so that people in crisis in your town don't have to go hungry.

Redeeming Our Communities


The charity’s main aim is to bring about community transformation by creating strategic partnerships which open up opportunities for crime and disorder reduction and improved community cohesion. This partnership approach has seen crime and anti-social behaviour fall and fresh hope brought to some of the most deprived and challenging areas of the UK, urban and rural alike. ROC brings together community groups, churches, the police, the fire service, local authorities and voluntary agencies to encourage them to work together in positive partnerships for practical ‘on the ground’ change. As a result, statutory agencies have improved access to the support of community/church groups, and thousands of volunteers are enabled to better serve the needs of their community.

ROC projects

ROC Café is a multi-agency supported youth drop in project which provides healthy diversionary activities for young people.

ROC Care is an initiative which offers friendship and support to people who are older in life.

ROC Restore is a form of Restorative Justice (RJ) undertaken by community members in facilitated meetings.

ROC Centres are – Life changing community projects. A ROC Centre houses a number of activities and projects under one roof.

Family Mentors are matched with families and receive dedicated help and support for a period of 6-12 months.

ROC Mentors offers Support to young people who face many challenges in society today.

ROC Buddy scheme works with people in recovery. The project takes referrals from agencies working with people recovering from addictions.

The ROC DJ Academy provides an opportunity for young people to learn DJ Skills.

A ROC Conversation is a community consultation with results.

The ROC Bus is a mobile community hub, in the form of a fully kitted out high-tech bus.

ROC Football is an exciting initiative run by local volunteers and agency teams to provide free football training and coaching for children and young people.

ROC Assist - We work with local housing associations, social services and other statutory organisations to deliver practical help to those who are unable to maintain their social housing properties.

Cinnamon Network


Our Purpose

To serve the nation by making it as easy as possible for local churches to help those most at need in their communities.

Cinnamon Network began at the end of 2010 in response to growing social need, public sector reform, increasing recognition of the role of voluntary organisations and the economic cuts. 50 Christian CEOs and leaders were challenged to consider how the Christian community could deliver more local transformation at national scale and to do so at speed.

Since the early days, Cinnamon Network has partnered with projects like Christians Against Poverty, Trussell Trust Foodbanks and Street Pastors. And now Cinnamon champions over 25 Recognised Projects – brilliant church-based community projects, both big and small – aiming to provide practical support and a strong network for them to rapidly expand and grow in impact. As Cinnamon looks forward an additional focus for 2015 is growing stronger links between local churches and local authorities, the police and other agencies.

Cinnamon Projects

Family equips local churches to train volunteers to support isolated, lonely or vulnerable families in their communities

Baby Basics helps local churches to provide vulnerable women with essential equipment for life with a new baby.

Hope Into Action help local churches to provide houses and community for the homeless.

Ignition equips the local church to help unemployed people to find a job that’s right for them.

Link Visiting Scheme helps local churches to offer a befriending service for isolated older people.

Make Lunch helps local churches to provide a meal a day during school holidays for children who might otherwise go hungry.

Mega Fitness helps churches run holistic fitness classes for its community. 

Housing Justice Night Shelter help churches offer accommodation for rough sleepers during the coldest months of the year.

Parish Nursing help churches to appoint nurses, who in turn support people and communities.

Passing the Baton helps local churches offer a befriending service to isolated and lonely people vulnerable to homelessness.

Prospects help churches provide an inclusive Christian community for people with learning disability.

Reflex helps churches to work with young offenders.

Romance Academy help local churches by providing relationship-rich sex education for teenagers.

Street Angels help local churches to build safe streets in towns and city centres.

Street Pastors help local churches to respond to anti-social behaviour in town and city centres. 

TLG Early Intervention help local churches support children who struggle with behavioural difficulties in school. 

Who Let The Dads Out? help local churches to support fathers and children within their community. 

XL-Mentoring helps local churches to build lasting, transformative relationships with young people

Trussell Trust Food Banks help local churches to provide emergency food parcels for people in crisis.

Community Money Advice help local churches to offer a free in-depth debt counselling for anyone struggling with debt.

Clean Sheet helps local churches to offer a 3-step pathway from Prison to Employment for people with convictions. 

Christmas Lunch on Jesus help local churches to make Christmas hampers available to members of the community.

CAP Debt Help enables local churches to offer free in-depth debt counselling for anyone struggling with debt.

Caring For Ex-Offenders helps local churches to support someone coming out of prison into community

CAP Job Clubs help local churches give people confidence, self-esteem and optimism which are essential in a job search. 

CAP (Christians Against Poverty)


We exist because nobody should be held hostage by debt and poverty. But the truth is that they are rife in the UK. In a society where people live behind closed doors, thousands are desperately poor. Unable to feed their children, incapable of paying to heat their homes in winter, the grip of poverty is relentless. It breaks families apart and drives many to think that suicide is the only solution.

We are passionate about releasing people in our nation from a life sentence of debt, poverty and their causes. Through our four services, which are all run through local churches, we are tackling poverty head on. Our vision is to bring freedom and good news to people in every community through 3,000 CAP projects by 2021.

Partner Projects

CAP Money Course

The CAP Money Course is a free course that will teach you budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that works. In just a few weeks, you will get to grips with your finances so you can budget, save and prevent debt.

CAP Debt Help

If you are feeling weighed down by debt, then we can help. You may think your situation is impossible, but there is hope. Our friendly team will give you a listening ear in the privacy of your own home and provide a real solution to your debts.

Since we started helping people out of debt in 1996, we’ve helped thousands in situations like yours through our professional service offered by 280 CAP Debt Centres. 

CAP Job Clubs

Your local CAP Job Club is a friendly place where you will get practical help as you seek employment. It's a relaxed environment with the chance to meet other jobseekers, get support and gain the tools you need to find work.

Being unemployed can be hard to deal with on your own, but being part of one of our 132 CAP Job Clubs means you face the challenge with other people in similar situations. One in every seven people attending a club has found work.

Cap Release Groups

Is there something in your life that you just can't stop doing even though you want to? Maybe it's smoking, binge drinking, gambling or an Internet addiction? Do you feel like it’s just too hard to tackle it on your own?

If you would like help to break free, then a CAP Release Group is for you.

Whatever it is you are struggling with, our groups provide a safe and confidential place where you can tackle the issue right at the core to break free and stay free.

Bethany Christian Trust

9 Every year, thanks to people like you, we give hope and a future to over 6,000 homeless and vulnerable people in Scotland. Anyone can become homeless and that’s why we address a wide range of issues that stretch far beyond housing needs. We support families, young people, rough sleepers and people recovering from addiction. We help people who are already homeless and we work to stop homelessness before it happens. The need for our services is growing and your support is vital if we are to address the needs in communities across Scotland. All our services focus on relieving the immediate suffering and meeting the long terms needs of homeless and vulnerable people in Scotland. We don’t just work with homeless people. We stop people becoming homeless in the first place.

Partner Projects

Passing the Baton and the Cinnamon Network

Passing the Baton helps local churches run an Award Winning befriending service to people vulnerable to homelessness through isolation and loneliness.

Caring for Ex-offenders Scotland

CFEO Scotland's vision is to reduce reoffending by reintegrating ex-offenders into society through the local church.

Safe Families for Children Scotland

When a crisis strikes a family its effects can be devastating for everyone. Far too often it's the children who can suffer the most.